I started making dog collar covers for a class project when I was in 3rd grade. I wanted to give my dog a new collar style without having to buy a new one. I made three different sizes; small, medium, and large and had different covers for holidays, sports teams, and fun designs . The collar covers are made to simply slip over your dog’s collar making it easy to change them for different occasions. I started selling them to my neighbors, family, and friends and they loved the idea.

In 5th grade, we did another class project.  Our class partnered with an underprivileged and low income kindergarten class in Sedalia, Colorado. Our goal was to work with Wish for Wheels to raise money so we could buy, build, and deliver new bikes to this class. Most of these kids have never had a bike and this was going to be an opportunity to surprise them. In order to make this happen, our class needed to raise about $4,000 dollars to buy enough bikes for all the kindergarteners. Each student in my class was responsible for raising money to help with the cost. I realized that selling my collar covers was a great way to raise my portion of the money.


I took my collar covers to places where I knew I could find dogs and their owners such as dog parks and dog friendly establishments. I also partnered with Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue and sold my collar covers at their adoption and fundraising events.  I raised about $350 for Wish for Wheels. We met our class goal and we delivered the bikes on May 9, 2017. Through this experience, I realized I love the feeling of being able to help those who are less fortunate than I am. I would like to continue donating to non-profit organizations that help animals.